"I had my first baby about a month ago & I could not live without my Apres Bebe Leggings! They are so comfortable to wear while at home with baby but look polished for the times I am heading out of the house.  They are well made and flattering on my post baby body.  I would recommend them to any of my girlfriends!" - Sarah, Connecticut

"To all my friends who are new moms, pregnant, or anyone who knows someone who is expecting...my sister in law brought THE BEST gift to the hospital for me.  She gave me a pair of Apres Bebe pants and I didn't take them off for weeks! They are so comfortable and the control top helps keep everything from jiggling around; and helps bring things back to where they should be, making you feel MUCH better about yourself post baby (esp if it's your second or beyond because of that extra little jiggle you get!).  I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to bring a gift to a new mom - they don't need more baby clothes, they will have plenty, give them something to feel good about themselves.  As soon as baby is here no one asks how the moms are anymore, it goes from all about them when pregnant to all about the newborn - BRING HER THIS!!!  And if you are expecting or just had a baby - get these NOW!" Meghan, Massachusetts

"One week (7 days exactly) after a C-Section I am wearing my Apres Bebe leggings! And I love them!! Not only do they fit true to size, they do not touch my incision which most pants do. AND they make me feel like I am getting back to "normal".  No more frumpy post maternity pants for me!  Thanks, Apres Bebe!" - Carolyn, Connecticut