Founder of Apres Bebe

My name is Heather LeBlanc.  The Apres Bebe story started with the birth of my first daughter in March of 2012.  In those trying few days and weeks after you bring your little bundle home, I found myself shedding the pregnancy weight; just not fast enough.  I was determined to at least hide the excess “bulge” in some form or fashion.  Naturally, I started with the highly restrictive yet somewhat coercive shape wear.  While I felt it “held me together,” having a war with myself just to get in and out of the pieces quickly deterred me from that route.  My husband brought home some type of belly band; however, I just didn’t feel comfortable running errands looking like I was trying to take off with something hidden in my mid-section.  The third and final route was to simply buy clothing that I hoped would only fit for a short period of time as I would slim down and need a smaller size, and then a smaller size.  Thereby, watching my money get thrown into an abyss.

I scoured the internet for some type of postpartum clothing and came up empty.  Three months after the birth of my daughter (while wearing my maternity leggings) it hit me! What if this belly panel would hold me in a bit instead of stretching with your growing pregnant belly.  I wanted to feel “held together”, be comfortable, and not look bulgy.  And that was the birth of my second child - Apres Bebe. 

I’ve always had a passion for design and fashion, but have a very practical side.  I don’t believe you have to spend tons of money to look good and feel great.  I was determined to design a product that fit perfectly and would become a postpartum must have.  With Apres Bebe I want women to feel comfortable, stylish, and most of all; confident, after going through one of the most amazing yet arduous experiences of their lives - childbirth.